Why choose me?

I am passionate about helping people improve their mental health. Why? Because I have been you!
I struggled for years with what I now know was poor mental health. Because I didn’t know that then and because mental health was so stigmatised. I beat myself up on the daily for being ‘bad’ ‘lazy’ ‘incapable’ and instead of seeking the help I so desperately needed I numbed the pain with food, alcohol and toxic ‘situationships’ with both friends and romantic interests.

Once I took that first step in seeking help my life changed on a gargantuan scale. AND it continues to do so year on year.

Now I give that back. I have provided a safe space for hundreds of clients to share their story and coached them on the tools & techniques needed to get their mental health back on track.

In working with me my clients learn how to move away from destructive and toxic behaviours, realise their full potential, learn the importance of self love & forgiveness and live a life with value and meaning.

I speak very openly and honestly about my own journey and I encourage others to do the same.
I want to make mental health therapy & coaching as normal and as accessible as seeking treatment for a common cold. And as affordable as having your hair & nails done.

My vision is that both my patients and private clients after working with me will walk away feeling empowered, energised and taking pride and ownership in the fact they invested the time, energy & effort into improving their most valuable asset. Their mental health.

In working with me you will

• Feel confident and in control of your own life
• Maintain and sustain loving and healthy relationships
• Feel energised, happy and healthy in both body & mind
• Be clear on your goals and realise that you have the power to achieve the exact lifestyle you desire
• Have created your own emotional toolkit enabling you to deal with life’s inevitable curveballs

Are you ready to get started?

Book your free discovery call with me today or if you prefer drop me a whatsap and lets chat.