Meditation With Serena 


The Wellbeing Bundle

What is it? – a short yet effective course of coaching sessions exploring key areas of your life that you’re struggling with or looking to improve upon

What’s included?

• 3 x 60 min 1-2-1 coaching sessions delivered weekly either face to face or online
• A personalised guided meditation after session 1 to support your goal
• A follow up email check in with feedback from me 7 days after completion to evaluate your progress

This is for you if –

• You need short term support with your mental health & emotional wellbeing
• You’re new to coaching / self development and would like to try something new
• You’re looking for a safe space in which to be heard
• You’re struggling with navigating a problematic area of your life that is causing overwhelm & frustration
• You have a goal in mind but need someone to help you breakthrough the barriers of reaching it

6 Weeks To Wellbeing

What is it? – My signature 6 week training plan designed to kick start your wellbeing journey. This course focuses on the 6 core lifestyle habits proven to cultivate a healthy and abundant mindset

What’s included?

• 6 x 30 min, weekly coaching sessions delivered either face to face or online
• All course material including information & worksheets
• A guided meditation to accompany each of the modules
• Support via email in between sessions
• A follow up email check in with feedback 4 weeks after completion to keep you accountable and evaluate progress

This is for you if –

• You would like to try a holistic approach to help alleviate symptoms of depression, anxiety and low mood
• You have a keen desire to learn about the mind & body connection and improve your mental health & wellbeing but have no idea where to start
• You want a structured yet easy to follow plan to really kick start your wellbeing journey
• You need support and accountability to help you build a solid and sustainable self care routine.

12 week intensive

What is it? – A highly bespoke and intensive coaching programme designed to increase your self confidence & improve your life.

Together we will identify past trauma and look at how that is showing up in your life today. Learn how to let go of the things causing you to feel anxious with love & forgiveness. Gain clarity over who you are, what your values are and where you would like to be. Create an action based focus plan on how to get there, stay there and thrive there.

What’s included?

• 9 x 60 min coaching sessions delivered bi-weekly either face to face or online
• An individually tailored coaching and lifestyle package centred around your own specific goals
• FREE access to the 6 week to wellbeing course material
• Personal *anytime support via WhatsApp or Marco Polo video messenger for the duration of the course and for a month afterwards
• Highly discounted follow up refresh sessions as and when you require them after completion of the course

This is for you if –

• You require longer term support with your mental health & wellbeing
• You need a safe space in which to tell your story
• You have a deep desire to implement changes in your life but are not sure where to start
• You are struggling with feelings of low self confidence, anger, misery, overwhelm, stress, low mood and de motivation
• You have been unable to complete tasks you have set for yourself and seem to be getting nowhere despite having a strong desire to change
• You’re lost in a busy lifestyle and don’t know what to do to feel better
• You want to build a solid emotional toolkit to help you cope with life’s challenges throughout your coaching journey and beyond