S.L - The Wellbeing Bundle 

I had gone through the worst time of my life to date. I needed some kind of guidance and direction. I’d purchased Serena’s well-being bundle. Serena talked with me on video call, she had got information she needed to put a personal meditation together for me. She understood with great empathy and in my meditation, I was to heal my inner child. Serena also gave me a morning routine, questions to collect my thoughts and feelings on the day ahead with a plan of action. The well-being bundle definitely helped within my healing process. I thank Serena for her help and will be using her again to work with in the future. For about a decade I have thought of helping others with mental health and well being. Serena has inspired me even further.

C.S - 12 Week Intensive

Thank you for being my beacon of light when feeling so dark

D.B - 1-2-1 Coaching

I cant begin to explain how much my life has changed because of you. It sounds cheesy – work stuff kicked off, I melted down. You listened, you were humane, raw and honest. That mattered.

J.W - 12 Week Intensive

I gained a lot of knowledge working with Serena about my mental health and learned some really good techniques to deal with things. I found the process to be just right with weekly face to face sessions and being able to contact Serena in between when I needed support via whatsap.

T.G - 6 Weeks To Wellbeing

I really enjoyed being able to go back to basics, to really think about what practical things I am doing every day that contribute towards my overall wellbeing.
For me the main pointers are that:
- Things will pass
- How to be more assertive in what I want, and doing things that serve me
- Making sure I make time for things daily that create stability, that create routine & knowing when to get back to basics where I feel I am crashing
- Also – knowing I am not alone in certain situations, and being able to navigate what that means is helpful
I feel so much better now – the experience has been really impactful to me, and although I have had low points since – I really feel as though I know what my triggers are, I know how I can get help and also the steps I can take to help myself.
I would really like to add that Serena has been a brilliant coach, she has gone above and beyond with her coaching and has really restored my belief in this journey. I have already told so many of my friends about her work and have been able to work through things using what I have discovered and learnt.